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Game Worlds For Medical and Aid Workers

The game world features multiple engagement loops (things to do) that make it attractive to participate in. When you have to teach the minutia of a 40-page manual in a few hours, a video game world is a sound approach. People’s capacities to recall text they read is limited in the short term, and their memory of it diminishes over the long term, but when people learn procedures through a video game world they show high engagement and retain the information.

Two terms have now become essential when describing what happens in game worlds: “autopoiesis” which means self organizing or self generating; and “hyper reality” which is a term developed by French post-modern sociologist Jean Baudrillard referring to “the generation by models” of something real “without origin or reality.”

A game world has its own “digital physics,” not real-world physics, thus separating it from simulation. A game world is a place where new things can be created and the person lives among fantasy objects. Autopoetic hyper reality is a digital space where the player is enticed to complete goals in a fantasy that encompasses a simulation.

In ‘The World of Warcraft,’ players can create a character avatar and explore an open game world. (Shutterstock). Scholars across the field of digital media are now hard at work creating a kind of fusion of the the human nervous system with technology. What this means is that the boundary between one and the other will become imaginary, for example, in the instance of doctors using remote technologies to conduct medical procedures.

But the larger meaning is that as virtual reality continues to mature, we will gradually live more of our lives in digital space. We’ve seen many examples of this through the pandemic, including new uses of Emperor123 Zoom and social media to replace the workplace and face-to-face contact. Digital game worlds are places we can live, play and work together across great distances while feeling we are in a reassuring place where we connect.


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