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Podcasts, and how to keep the passion lit all year.

By now

we are pretty sure that everyone is at least familiar with podcasts and how they have changed the way we get our information. They are a great resource for hunters to keep that fire lit and the passion alive all year long. We have compiled a list of our TOP 5 noteworthy podcasts we highly recommend giving a listen to. So in no particular order, lets begin......

  1. Pull'n Feathers Podcast

2. The Big Honker Podcast

3. Bearded Bander Podcast

4. Hunting Outlier

5. Dive Bomb Squadcast

So there you go. Our must listen podcast list. These podcasts are sure to fill your ears with information, laughter, and turn those long car rides into something a little more exciting. Please give them a listen and let us know what you think.

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