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The Bird Dog Firing Squad With Team Bird Dog Dave Tomac

So we have come up with a little something we call The Bird Dog Firing Squad. We are putting our guests in the hot seat for some short question/short answer style interview questions. We will make this a regular segment and feature todays who’s who in the waterfowl industry as well as some of our team members and folks from around the country. So sit back and enjoy as we put our victims up to the Bird Dog Firing Squad.

Today we are sitting down with Team Bird Dog member Dave Tomac. So with out further delay lets get started.


Dave Tomac

Team Bird Dog Waterfowl Elite

Name: Dave Tomac IG: d_tomac55

Age: 34

Where are you from/live:

From: Morro Bay CA

Live: Creston CA

Years hunting waterfowl: 18

Duck hunting or goose: Both

Favorite bird to shoot: Mallards

Favorite bird to eat: Quail

Best movie of all time: Tombstone

Go to blind snack: Jerky (preferably venison)

Calls on your lanyard: JJ Lares, Redbone, cheap 6 in 1 whistle, Primos high roller

Dry field or over water: Water

Bucket list hunt destination: There’s a big list for this. My soonest one will be Mexico Brandt or ducks

Breakfast dish: Chicken fried steak and eggs

Greatest band: Metallica

When I’m not duck hunting, I’m….. :

Working, deer hunting, fishing, or doing an out of state hunt.

Your biggest hunting fail:

I Did not have the right boots on an Alaskan bear hunt and was miserable

Freelance or guided: Freelance

Public or private: Public

Final words for everyone:

Have Fun hunting. Take a youngster hunting and teach them conservation, respect and ethics in the field


Thanks for sitting down with us Dave and being the first to line up for the Bird Dog Firing Squad. Until next time folks keep shooting straight.

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