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The Bird Dog Firing Squad with Jeff Paganini host of the Hunting Outlier Podcast

Today we put our guest Jeff Paganini in the hot seat and fire off some questions. Jeff is a member of Team Bird Dog Waterfowl as well as the host of The Hunting Outlier Podcast. You can download and listen on all major podcast platforms.



Name: Jeff Paganini

Age: 28

Where are you from/live?: NorCal

Years hunting waterfowl: 9

Ducks or Geese: Whichever commits to my spread

Favorite bird to shoot: Tie between mallards and specks

Favorite bird to eat: Specks

Best movie of all time: Can’t decide honestly

Go to blind snack: Rockstar and cold Haribo gummy bears

Calls on your lanyard: JJ Lares T1, Wingsetter 8-1, RCC Speck

Dry field or over water: Over water all day

Bucket list hunt: Emperor Goose hunt

Breakfast dish: Chicken fried steak and hash browns

Greatest music band: Foghat

When I’m not duck hunting I’m….: Thinking about duck hunting, podcasting, and shooting arrows

Your biggest hunting fail: Forgetting my gun 3 hours away

Freelance or guided: Freelance

Public or private: Where the birds are

Final words for the readers: Practice everything in the off season, and stay on the grind!

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