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The Bird Dog Firing Squad with Olivia DeBoer

Today we sit down and have a quick chat with one of Bird Dog Waterfowls female team members. So strap in for this quick ride as we shoot Olivia some questions.


Name: Olivia DeBoer

Age: 26

Where are you from/live? Hughson, CA

Years hunting waterfowl: 16 +

Duck hunting or goose? That's a hard one, but I goose hunt more just because of where our hunting spot is.

Favorite bird to shoot: Mallard

Favorite bird to eat: Quail

Best movie of all time: Tombstone

Go to blind snack: Corn Nuts

Calls on your lanyard: Bird Dog Waterfowl, Duck Commander

Dry field or over water? Dry field

Bucket list hunt destination: A hunt in Alaska

Breakfast dish: Biscuits and gravy

Greatest Music Band/Group: Journey

When I'm not duck hunting, I'm........: Hanging out with my husband and kids

Your biggest hunting fail: There have been a few, but the worst was when I went to shoot a Wood

Duck and I had a bad shell. It caught on fire and shot flames out the

chamber. Needless to say I didn't get the Wood Duck.

Freelance or guided? Freelance

Public or Private? Private

Final words for everyone: I have been duck hunting since I was 9 years old with a license. It is my

favorite tradition I have with my brother and dad. I am still blessed to be

able to hunt with them. Even better I married a duck hunter so he hunts

with us as well. We have a son and a daughter. My son will be 4 in

October and he can't wait until he can start duck hunting. I'm so happy

I was raised up a duck hunter, but I am even more ecstatic that I get to

share this tradition with my kids.


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