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Welcome to the world of Bird Dog Waterfowl

We wanted to start off this new journey with our first blog just being a welcome and thank you to all our fans and customers for the support over these past 5 years. It has been a wild ride with lots of ups and downs and lessons learned to say the least.

We have, as you can see, redesigned the old website to bring you so much more capabilities at From our new redesigned store, to our members page where everyone can create their own account and check on orders and so much more. We have even created a community, which we rightfully call, the Bird Dog Army. Where after you sign up you can engage with others and discuss anything and everything waterfowl related.

And of course our new blog. Where we will discuss many things related to waterfowl hunting, the outdoors, gear, recipes, and even have some great articles and interviews with top names in the industry.

So please head over to create yourself an account, ITS FREE, and subscribe, and lets create something to share the passion of waterfowl 365 days a year.

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